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(October 2017 Version)

By way of this notice, Banco Santander S.A., a company registered in the Bank of Spain under registration number 0049, with registered offices at Santander, Paseo de Pereda, 9-12 and the Tax ID Number: A-39000013 (hereinafter referred to as "Santander Bank" or the "Holder"), hereby informs the Users of this website (hereinafter referred to as "Users", or in the singular as the "User") about its Cookies policy, so that the Users know about the cookies, which will be used while they browse the website, and can consent to them being used.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are files that will be stored on the computer of the user who browses the Internet and which, in particular, contain a number which allows the user's computer to be unmistakeably identified, even when its location or IP address changes.

Cookies are installed while browsing the Internet, either by the websites that the user visits or by third parties with which the website is associated, and they allow the website to know the user's activity on the same site or on others associated with it, for example: the location from which it is accessed, the connection time, the device from which it is accessed (fixed or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited websites, the number of clicks and data regarding the user's behaviour on the Internet.

Cookies do not need to be enabled for the website to be accessed although, the website may not work correctly if they are disabled.

2. Authorisation for the use of cookies

In accordance with the Cookies Notice that appears at the bottom of the website page, the user or visitor of the website accepts that, by browsing through the same, they expressly consent to cookies being used according to the description given below, except if their browser's settings have been modified to reject the use of the same.

3. Revoking the authorisation for the use of cookies and browser settings

In order to revoke the authorisation for the use of cookies, the user will need to remove the cookies that have already been inserted. To do so, they must follow the instructions given by their browser.

Universia recommends that users check their browser's Help function or to go to help websites to remove cookies from the main browsers, some of which we have compiled below:


Internet Explorer:




If the user wishes to withdraw his or her consent or ask any questions about the Website's Cookies Policy, he or she may do so by contacting the Owner at the following address putting "Política de Cookies (Cookies Policy)” in the subject line.

4. Types of Cookies used on the Website

Users browsing the Website may encounter cookies that have been inserted by entities other than Universia, according to the details in the sections below:

-Third-party cookies

The entities that use cookies on the Website, other than the Owner, as well as their purposes, are listed below:

Social network cookies: the Owner uses Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus cookies so that the user may share the contents of the Website on the aforementioned social networks, or to make registration on the Website easier, so that social networks can directly fill in the fields of the Website registration with the data that the user has provided.

Cookies for measuring traffic on the Portals: the Owner uses Google Analytics, Nielsen NetRatings and Certifica Metric cookies to gather statistical data on the activity of Website users with the aim of improving the services it provides to them. These cookies enable users' traffic to be analysed, generating an anonymous user ID that is used to measure how many times a user visits the Site. Similarly, it registers when the user first and last visited the Website, when a session finished and the user's origin.








Google Analytics

24 hours

Analytics cookie

Used to distinguish users

Third parties


Google Analytics

2 years

Analytics cookie

Used to distinguish users

Third parties



1 year

Technical cookie

Used to know whether the user consents to cookies