Salamanca 21/22 may - IV RECTORS' MEETING


Today, Higher Education institutions are major players in the economic and social development of the societies in which they are integrated. Furthermore, they are a cornerstone for creating, transmitting and disseminating knowledge, as well as the instrument in which companies, institutions and governments are drawn to for forming qualified and competent human capital.

Universities contribute to progress and serve society because they transform the regions in which they are located and they strengthen the impact of their respective countries.

Towns, territories and nations become more competitive on a continental and global scale, through the three management drivers of knowledge: teaching, research and transfer.

This IV International Rectors' Meeting, which will take place in Salamanca and which will coincide with the eight centenary of the founding of the University, under the aegis of Santander Universities and Universia, will focus on three core strategic ideas, with two action principles: commitment to the future and service to society.