Salamanca 21/22 may - IV RECTORS' MEETING
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The University is a key element to train and guide the professionals of tomorrow, in a digital transformation context, in which new technologies are revolutionising the world of Education. The efforts of Higher Education institutions are mainly focusing on fostering youth entrepreneurship and employment. Cooperation agreements between companies and universities are a key element to attract university talent, facilitate University access to the most disadvantaged social groups and provide support to scientific research projects, in the form of scholarships, grants and funding.

Topical subjects

Social media interactive map

Find the social networks of the participating institutions of the IV International Rectors' Meeting Universia 2018 that takes place in the city of Salamanca on May 21 and 22. Discuss and share your experience! #Universia2018

New technologies in University Education

The emergence of new technologies in universities and education is changing the paradigms of learning.

The Leaders of Tomorrow – The Essential Skills within the New Job Market

In a world which is going digital, workers must contribute with skills that guarantee their employment in the future and their adaptation to new forms of coexistence.